Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

MyDailyDylan (0) Introduction.

In his own word's: I'm a poet, I know it (Dylan, Another Side of Bob Dylan, 1964).
Nobody influenced my brain as much as Bob Dylan. He was my one and only English teacher: English as a foreign language. I'll never forget *The light I never knowed*  Now, 45 years later, he is still in my head: whatever I am trying to think, express, say, - his poetry comes to my mind. The only poetry I really like.
Dylan's oeuvre is a long and winding (Thank you, Lennon/McCartney) EARWORM. For the next couple of days (at least: *Seven days*), weeks, months, years (How many years can a ....) this semiotic blog will focus on the signifiers & signified, the denotations & connotations, the sounds & structure of Dylan's poetry. MyDailyDylan #1 will be on: Frogs inside my socks! 

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